Optical Transceiver Module
400G 200G OSFP / QSFP-DD
QSFP-DD optical module, QSFP-DD optical fiber module, QSFP-DD 200G optical module, QSFP-DD 200G optical fiber module, QSFP-DD 400G optical module, QSFP-DD 400G optical fiber module; currently QSFP28 optical module has four electrical channels. Each channel operates at 10Gbps or 25Gbps and supports 40G and 100G Ethernet applications. The newly formed QSFP-DD team plans to increase the number of channels to eight, with up to 25 Gbps per channel through NRZ modulation or up to 50 Gbps per channel through PAM4 modulation, supporting 200 Gbps or 400 Gbps optical transmission. The MSA team said that at a 400Gbps transfer rate, the QSFP-DD package enables a single switch slot with a combined bandwidth of 14.4zbps to meet fast-growing data center traffic growth.
400G 200G OSFP / QSFP-DD

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